Thursday, January 06, 2005

More pictures

I have a dozen or so new photos that I will be putting online sometime later today.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Secondary waves hitting Male, Maldives.
The Cunning Linguist

More waves smack the Maldives.
The Cunning Linguist

Watching the waves head towards the Maldives.
The Cunning Linguist

Waves hitting Male, Maldives.
The Cunning Linguist

Male, Maldives as the tsunami hits.
The Cunning Linguist

Male, Maldives.
The Cunning Linguist

Phuket, Thailand. December 27th, 2000.
The Cunning Linguist

Thanks, Credits and Linkage.


I hope eveyone is enjoying the tsunami photography I have been posting; I'm attempting to put up only pictures of the wave itself. There's enough media coverage of the aftermath of this horrible event, and being a bit of a science geek, I made it a point to only show the destructive power of nature itself. Dead bodies aren't really my thing. Check out Ogrish is you want those.

In the process of posting up the best pictures as soon as I ran across them, I neglected to credit a few folks. I would like to do that now. My apologies go out to anyone I may have forgotten.

News agencies:
Associated Press
Omedias - Who contacted me about publishing a few of the photos.

Blogs, Bloggers and tsunami-related websites:
Wave of Destruction
Cheese and Crackers
Pundit Guy
Planet Bangkok
Helmut Issels

Digital Globe
Red Nova

Links to Tsunami Aid:
Ratings of various relief organizations
Doctors Without Borders - I urge people to donate to this charity above all others. Cash is worthless. Medical supplies are priceless. - Focuses on education in India
Tsunami Relief - Learn how, what and where to donate.
The Salvation Army
American Institute of Philanthropy - Charity Watch.

Thanks also goes to the visitors of this site. You have turned this 30-hits-a-month photoblog into an 1800-hits-per-day resource guide. All my best wishes go out to the individuals and families affected by this disaster.

The water rises.
The Cunning Linguist

A fishing boat is pushed inland.
The Cunning Linguist

Water comes rushing in.
The Cunning Linguist

The tide begins to surge.
The Cunning Linguist

The last few people evacuate the beach.
The Cunning Linguist

The beach goes under.
The Cunning Linguist

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Phuket resort is flooded.
The Cunning Linguist